Make from a bidding and game a Bitmap (.BMP)

When you save this game as .bmp you will get a picture that you can edit with any drawing program out there.
The result is shown below. That is the picture, which in this case is called Game 01.bmp.

You can edit this image with any drawing program and save it in a different format.
I use the Paint program, which comes with Windows, to adjust an image.
It is simple and not too difficult to use. I adjust the image to my liking before I post it on my website.

Now the picture has been adjusted. Bids 5 through 9 have disappeared.
In the paint program Paint, I moved the bottom part and then adjusted the size of the picture.
No keyboard required. Only the mouse. Takes less than 15 seconds.
When I have done that, I will save this image as a PNG file. There is no quality loss.
Only the size of the picture has been reduced to a minimum.

The first picture of Game 1, BMP, was still 1157Kb (1.2MB), the second picture of Game 1 saved as PNG, only 28 Kb.
As a result, the image is also read faster on the website.

Trial version MAKE BMP
Gecomprimeerd bestand – 5.4 MB 14 downloads
Help file MAKE BMP
Gecomprimeerd bestand – 806.9 KB 13 downloads