Free Practice Booklets

These booklets were created to have some cheap material for homework for my students. After the first booklet, my students liked the booklet so much, that I started writing several of these booklets in the Dutch language. 

The enthusiasm from my students made me decide to make these booklets available for free, to anyone who wants to use them.

My English is a Google English.
It's possible that it is not all grammatically correct, but I think it is easy to read and understand.

I deliberately do not give answers with the booklets, so that they can be used for any bidding system.
Use the booklets together with your partner to see if you play the same bidding system.

I have now translated 10 of the booklets into English.
If I receive positive comments, I will certainly translate more booklets into English.

I would appreciate it if you would respect my copyright.

If you have any comments, please let me know.
Send your comment to

Download de booklets for free.

The structure of each booklet is a quire.
Make sure your printer can handle this.
The booklets are printed on two sides of the A4 sheet and in landscape.

I wish you a lot of fun with these booklets.